St Anthony School


In 1998 the Little Sisters of St. Francis tried to solicited funds from both local and overseas donors with an aim of putting up classrooms to offer education to the poor and the needy.

By 1999, 6 classrooms plus an administration block were put up and in the same year 20 children joined to start their nursery education. In the same year one classroom was converted into a small dispensary to cater for medical needs of the community and people of good will. St Anthony nursery grew to a primary school in 2001. We tried soliciting funds and by now we have managed to put up eight classrooms with a population of 400 pupils, 20 teachers and 13 support staff.

In the year 2008 we had our first class 8 doing their National exam and did us proud. Having our first class doing their Kenya National Certificate of Primary Education, we still fill uncounted because the pupils are not computer literate and wish them to be able to fit in our world today with easy.

In the year 2021, we have a double stream with 963 pupils.