Misyani Help Age Project



To champion the rights of older persons, special and general needs and their well being through advocacy and implementation of sustainable dvelopment programmes.


To ensure that the society appreciate the older persons and protect them.


To improve the dignity of older persons through ensuring that they have access to proper health service, information, good shelter and other basic needs.

Background Informantion

Misyani Help Age programme was started by the Little Sisters of St. Francis in 1985 with support of Help age Kenya and in collaboration with Help Age international, to meet the basic needs of vulnerable older persons in Kanzalu parish, Machakos Diocese. The programme has seven workers apart from the Sr in charge. Three teachers and four subordinate staff.

Core Activities

  • For easier management – the older persons with the help of the office formed two Community Based Organization(C.B.O`s) i.e. Mumanthi C.B.O – which covers the lower part with 4 zones and 15 groups and Tukaunika C.B.O which covers the upper part with 4 zones and 20 groups.
  • Few groups are doing well
  • Older persons meet weekly in groups, while in zones and C.B.Os they meet monthly.
  • They do merry-go round and table banking which keeps them active and improves their economic standards.
  • Currently the programme is reaching out to approximately 700 elderly in both Kangundo and Matungulu sub-counties in Machakos County.

Core Values

RESPECT – we are committed to serving the older persons with courtesy, compassion and recognize the dignity of every older person.
PROFESSIONALISM – We are committed to the highest level of competence and social skills in our work.
NETWORKING – We are committed to working with the local authorities, Religious leaders and other agencies who serve the older persons.
PARTICIPATION- We ensure that the older persons are involved in the social development in the community.
ACCEPTANCE – Committed to appreciating and serving all older persons despite of their social status, background, color, race or religion.
LOVE – Committed to serving the older persons with care, humility and patient.