Mama Kevina Training Centre



Affiliated to HelpAge is Mama Kevina Skills Training Centre. It trains especially girls and young mothers. Mama Kevina Skills Training Centre is in Kangundo sub county, Machakos County. It was started by the little Sisters of St Francis in 1986. This was after a survey of the area which was done by the little Sisters within the sub county. The sisters found out that most the elderly families, were keeping orphans. As they assisted the old persons with basic needs, they thought of their future when the handouts would be over and also of the children they stay with.

They thought of starting a polytechnic to empower the orphans the old people were staying with, with skills which will enable them start business or be employed for the sustainability of their lives and their families. Mama Kevina Skills Training Centre is both boarding and day polytechnic that endeavors to empower and uplift the lives of orphans, needy and vulnerable girls by equipping them with technical skills. The girls come after primary school, those with some impairments, secondary school dropouts and young mothers, of late even the Centre is admitting boys of the same challenges. The Centre offers the following courses; Tailoring and dressmaking, Knitting and embroidery, Hair dressing and beauty therapy. Tailoring and dressmaking takes two years and the others take one year each. Currently the polytechnic has 14 students. The Centre is registered with National Industrial Training Authority (NITA). This is a government body which offer final exams and later certificates to the students.

Purpose of the Project

  • To help students develop marketable skills that turns their dreams to realities.
  • To prepare students with new current challenges in the ranks of professional.
  • Empower students reach new heights of personal and creative success.
  • To give technical skills to students in order to build their capacity, engage in gainful employment.
  • Train the students be self- reliant.